Fear of Ultimate Destruction – A Riot and A Fight – Rant Fail #1

The fear that quickly haunts me seems to strain the emotional amount of pressure that gives me deep sense of utter terror and despair. Emotions running wild brings me the most pressure to a person and personally, I don’t think anyone, even myself, could possibly bring to recover from the trauma since it has already happened. Personally, I experienced this many times and it often gives the fear. Personally, perspectives can’t be given though because it is difficult to determine but based on my worldviews, I anticipate that the perceptions don’t necessarily be the same but I know others have experienced this.

It is nothing but utter destruction when one’s chemistry does not follow suit with one and the other. This applies to every industry. Think about it. What if you complain and bicker with one of your employees (especially ones of higher status) and started incriminating them completely. It is nothing short of frustration and fear amongst other things and it will certainly impact the creative company as a whole. It will reduce performance value and results to the point where the quality will no longer meet the required expectations. This is the biggest fears of any content creator or just anyone with a job in general. With that in mind, this silly emotional output will yield to nothing but making your boss shout at you and fire you on the spot. The notion that the possibility could happen to you is nothing short of the greatest fears in an artist. From the lectures that I have heard from my campus, learning of the experience within the procrastination brings out the worst in people and it has the worst feelings that you could play out within the structure of working in the industry.

These acts, including procrastination, personal preferences and client’s requests impacts the performance output and influences industry greatly. The best advice to cover with this issue is to invoke a certain schedule, try to keep your emotions in check and sometimes do your best to deal with it for now. It seems hard and realistically, it seems more-or-less impossible. At the very least try to give an effort because at the end of the day, your emotions and your performance isn’t going to help the fact that Fate may give you the unexpected twists of a lifetime.


(Christy Dena (2015, February 10th) Week 2: How Are We The Same? [Web log post]. Retrieved 20th March 2015, from https://medium.com/self-directed-practitioners/week-2-how-are-we-the-same-d12edb71b5e8


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