Salaries and the Number 99. Frightening. -> Industry Survival Tip Fail #2

A lecture that happens to explain about the differences between two different forms of creative freedom. Exploring on different possibilities for salary payments and freelance is a practice choice common to many creative people.

Salaries in the company sells more if done well and is company-dependent. Restrictions involves working for clients and your rights to your creative creations. This leads to the fact that you won’t be enjoying this constant job for a bit. However, you should be able to gain constant steady income should you provide exemplary performance.

Freelance opted to let you have more creative freedom and more control over your interests and your creative projects. This doesn’t restrict you from doing what you want but it also removes some flexibility and opportunity for higher wages because sometimes clients requested via Freelance won’t often give you what you want and will likely have less clients resulting into lower performance output, economically speaking. This also leaves you with an open space and time. Giving you too much freedom can give you the ultimate emotion anyone ever feels when they are doing nothing; “boredom”.

An option to balance out this is to get a day job which cycles both salary pay and freelance, thus giving more flexibility and more better option for better opportunities. This is what the lectures have given me and concluded in terms of my understanding.

My opinion stands as follows: I find this acceptable since realistically, I find this personally true on all accounts. People whom I have seen from film have said that creative freedom is lacking drastically if you are working for a client and often times working in a company drains you out mentally because there is a possibility that you won’t be getting what you want and requires an area of expertise not on your field level. I have seen people doing all this in the creative industry and I can’t give examples, but I know that they are struggling to work just to keep up with company’s demands.

Conclusion from all of this is that personal preference makes up your interests. If you decide for cash and money to survive more, you need to have a good experience field on par with the customer’s demands within the company. Otherwise, freedom for you.


On another note, I find that 99 is the most frightening number I have ever seen. And to think that 9 is 6 upside down…I’m not going to go over referencing this little number tidbit.

Anyways, 99 is used commonly in purchases everywhere these days. All I know is that it works for efficiency, but I think that there’s some other terminologies. Ones that goes beyond my comprehension. And I think its best to sum this up in one word.


Money apparently has “psychology” written all over it, it seems. A video from William Poundstone tells us the charms in prices and tells us of 99 and I think its exponentially mind-boggling as to how we see the psychological warfare behind it. All that personal thoughts that I could boggle is that how 99 is such a big deal since all I could fathom from it is confusion. Anyways, personal thoughts aside. Psychology works in money..and I think that it applies on any fields regarding money since the saying goes “Money is everything in life”.


(Christy Dena (2015, February 15th) Week 3: Your Income and Your Art [Web log post]. Retrieved 20th March 2015, from


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