Extremists – I hate? – Extra Xtriticism — Industry Talk Fail # 3

Criticism. The integral core of creative content’s ending/ epilogue. Personally, the criticism levels differ from people to people and understandably, criticism must be done in order to give feedback on the product as a whole. Whether they be understandably poor or whether it would be a masterpiece worth mentioning for generations to come. Criticism is timeless, in its own way as people are always looking beyond the layers and knock on the nuggets of skin in order to get to the heart and thus where everyone shows their expressions and feelings towards the output that you give as a creative designer. Though does criticism can be a blessing or a curse to people, because criticisms itself reaches out to the heart of the creator. Thus giving them slight intensive jab at the heart of the creator. Thus, bracing for the inevitable truth from complete strangers is crucial to keep working the best you can be when you are pressured by the issues of criticism. This, however, is a modern way of giving out to the criticism and probably one of the more common ways. To be honest, dealing with these kinds of situations depends on the person’s sanity and preference to deal with the suitable situation that they are given. Emotionally, provided that you can handle the criticism, then it would be capable of levelling with criticism. This is one side of things of looking at criticism (in a negative light). Positively, you can see that criticism can also help you improve your work and see it as a stepping stone. But these alone are common that most people should at least already gotten around in a good number of fields (well..except science since you are dealing on a thread wire on that one). In here, I will briefly give you personal opinions on criticism and reviewers in general and how I should respond to them from experience and to have people lay down a quick opinionated edition of criticism levels, the reviewers who will be the soldiers against your art and your shield (your art in and of itself).


Criticism is important because one could improve and with different levels of criticism, we can come to terms with how we view criticism in the games industry. We see that criticism can be seen in how the game interacts as well as how we view the game’s modifications. We see different ways of reviewing the game. Namely criticism is important that which games could differ in how we view things.

Namely, opinions are people’s take on things. Opinions, in the end, comes from perception of things. When different levels of perception is viewed, styles are often created from this. This applies to about every field, not just games. Its just that the criticism level and style differs to types. Videos or Movies give us aspects of sections which allows room for criticism. Criticism of film in general uses imagery, sound and style in order to give us what our perception can be given. Quite frankly, frustration to see how people can often differ from your style and sometimes it can be discouraging to work it out properly. Youtube reviewers and blog reviewers differ in their presentation style. IGN and tabloid news often give us different perceptions due to the fact that, ultimately, different people convey different methodologies of how one judges things. The judgment of human logic shows us the different perception of people and sees how they think of things. Perception and criticism, from what I can tell, can derive itself into a form of psychological sense. As personal thoughts aside, I will metaphorically view the critics as Judges (either its in a panel or else place is up to your discretion) Also, one thing to keep in mind is that opinions can sometimes be strictly biased to the Judge. Thus, the Judge articulates the ideas of experience they follow through this and discover the nugget of truth in the media that they are trying to judge. Movie reviewers often takes pacing and consistency more seriously than food restaurant because they used their eyes as a sense perception to see the ideas. Game reviewers goes to view experience in gameplay as an integral concept in looking all the angles within the game. Others like even cooking involve a lot of tasting and presentation which sees a person’s capability.

Conclusively, we need to keep this in mind; that no matter how Criticism can be seen by these “Judges”, experience differs based on factors and ultimately, people are just people. They give opinion. You are entitled to listen or ignore. However, there is a limit to this because the Judges may be those “popular” people that many followed because of their background or their presentation performance which ultimately influence many people. Social media can be very frightening that people can be influenced by these people and may be influenced. Thus, you may end up listening to them or trying their best to be stoic and try to do your best otherwise without responding to every plea “fans” wanted. Good examples of these “Judges” who present themselves in a creative way is Caddicarus and Jeremy Jahns. Both whom are game reviewers while the latter also does movie reviews. There are more which conveys criticism through popular plays. Pewdiepie, the number one subscribed Youtube gamer, is an exemplary example of creative criticism that doesn’t list out pros and cons but plays out honestly for his fans while at the same time engage and experience with the game thus in a way “judge” the game. You may view this as you wish. But positive wise, criticism evolves in ways people never expect and to how we perceive, we see things in how we view. Taking an example from a character from Bravely Default, Edea Lee, views the world in black and white without considering a grey perception early on in the plot. It seems that methodologies of criticism differs in ways we could see and in a way, criticism is Creative Art. We may not be able to see it, but its exists. We just don’t think it thoroughly enough. Then again, this is an opinion as well. So, to end it with the most basic statement that I have heard from comments; “To each their own”.


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