Communication Gathering Information Linking Together -> Industry BLOG fail #4

Communication and Data gathering. When you want to attract someone else and follow trends, you need information. Information that could also be beneficial to you in the long run or even as part of knowledge. Information is integral in how we could react to others and how we should be clarified on the situation. Data is important that it also ultimately gives you inspiration, reaction, feeling, any sort of reaction and response given can be brought upon from information. A majority of people should “react” to them, whether they’d be bored, frustrated, sad, happy. The feelings and emotions that can be brought upon from information and data can bring out interesting results, if not, be seen as a proper tool as a means to your ends or others. That highly depends on the matter of information and, just like a presentation, the quality and quantity of trust information and data can give you. Since information is also manipulative and easily skewed without evidence. I will cover you on some of the aspects of Information Gathering.


Data Gathering is simply as it is worded. Gathering information about something. If we take it into industry terms, we analyze the information that we can acquire for the sake of providing us with ample knowledge to substantiate them. Change is imminent and data is constantly updated. Any form of media could be that way over time. We extend our knowledge with more data, thus formulate a change in technology, making them more usable and more beneficial to mankind and many more. The potential that we see in developing many forms of things can change the world and even shape the world in which we could control. As long as one has the knowledge required and data with a form of usage, one can change anything and develop anything. What we can make is endless, the imagination is the limit and the big effect leads to the response emotion from the previous paragraph. Developments in data and information changes at moments notice and sometimes people can do their best to make use of every possibility to create unique results of any terms provided the prerequisites are given. The question is….how far could they go? And in what level of potential can they truly shine? Could you be a part of it as well? Maybe. Destiny isn’t so kind such that you catching up to development is as easy as eating something. Heck, even people who have difficult time eating have other means to do so. These means are what’s important. All we can do is simply do our best and hope we can see that you may reach their potential. If you’re optimistic, then you may reach it. If you’re a realist, then you’ll see the pros and cons of the matter. What’s important is that data is required to improve and thus requires output from others (namely, other people’s intelligence, creativity, many other factors) and also how you can view data and how you may be able to manipulate them in order to develop into potential that may be beneficial or a hindrance. The limit is how you are willing to share this data to the public. The public, as much as you may think, is a frightening beast. You won’t be able to tame them in any means possible and quite frankly, it would be impossible. What you need to consider is how you share this and the “responsibilities” that could risk you with the data you share and bring. This would provide an effect roughly dependent on the experience and the output it gives. A curse or a blessing.


This is getting boring, so I’d best conclude this silly fail opinionated essay that has some degree of evidence. As designers, the best thing that you can do is to never underestimate the power of data. Because sometimes, data can never be controlled. And data itself is beyond the level that you may even control. But if you resist and prevail, you may yield to its rules and turn the tide to change these data to your discretion. Just be sure to keep in mind the risks involved. Because data is never completely under your control, and it could slip away from your hands.


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