Be Soft and Try to make it Less Discreet as Possible – Honesty is NOT always the best Policy – FAIL Industry Blog#5 Social Media p.1

Pretty long title, isn’t it?

When it comes to social media, the strongpoint of it is that the user has the power to submit anything and everything they wanted. Though this means that people could submit whatever they want. This is not always good since people could submit things that are considered childish, hurtful, and make that person feel like a total “ass”, as they call it.

Its true that we need to be discreet about it and to be frank, I have made those mistakes before. Someone said to me that way since I posted something that was honest but truly brutal. But then again, I suppose they didn’t know anything about it and since I may have told something misleading, then I may be the one at fault and thus, it is completely understandable since I was the one in the wrong. I simply apologized and left, not looking back. Otherwise, it would haunt me for the rest of my life. Experience aside though, you learn from this and try to avoid much of this as possible. Try to be honest, but not to the point where you would be brutally excessive on yourself and on your work. Otherwise, people will only dislike and find you unfavorable. It is something I should have never tried and simply tried to forget while apologizing to myself on the mistakes I made.

Anyways, diary-like expressions aside, personal experience wagers a good way of learning something or earning a little nugget of truth from it all. It is something that I would simply try to avoid next time I’m doing it.

Promoting your content is important and try not to let your emotions go wild (ironic statement is ironic). You would have to try and promote your content in a positive, light matter. Without divulging on all the necessary negatives, you would provide a powerful message and thus makes an interest in social media. The most important thing about this is that you need to make your face known without looking really ugly. First impressions are important (not that I mean it physically, of course, but you get the picture) and a good first impression could rake you good views. Its common out of everything you need.

Content creators though, hold differently depending on certain people. And sometimes comedy is the polar opposite of what I’m talking about, so we’ll cover those in another segment. However, when it comes to making your content or your creation..Be careful on what you say. Your words are like a shark. It could jab you if you chomp down in the right places and sometimes if you use your words negatively in the right way, it would make you be a total dick of a person and it wouldn’t be very good for your repertoire and your image.


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