Progress Report #5 – Katamari Damacy is a Fail

Development on a game that is centered around Katamari is developed at its current build. Game is currently at its ok stages where the development of the game is more centralized on the katamari.

More of the design of the game is developed on basics of transform and triggers. I focused on creating UI and HUD by creating different sections of the Katamari basics. Using application, load level and play, we can make the basics of the HUD.

Creating the game requires use of AddForce or AddTorque, which is likely depending on your style of writing. The design scope of this is that using the functions above, one can transform and rotate the movement of the ball by having it move in a specific coordinate, namely using Vector3.

Design wise, the Katamari game is implemented in order to give a simple game that invokes a representation of the Katamari game and how the game is meant to design a simple game meant for simple functionality.

What has not been done are radius checks and size increase to fit the increase in ball size and functionality and also moving enemies. Pickups are not done as well as the design scope of the game with several polish lacking in the game’s complete design.

The basics of katamari movement are complete but are not developed properly such that the game still works, but not fleshed out as well as a few minor bugs here and there. It is a little bit disturbing since the code is still not working to its highest function. Although, I have already tried to develop the basics of code on colliding and attaching the ball to the object.

The issue, on a more personal scale, is experience. Due to the fact that I couldn’t cover the foundations well enough that would make a good code, I couldn’t make the game polish within the standards required. If likely, I might not be able to get everything done all at once.

The code is not implemented properly nor it has been outlined such that it could save me a script, instead making me use a completely re-modified new script. Something that could have been done in one script I can’t do simply because I lack in experience in modifying the script to meet the requirements I wished to convey.

The finalization of the code for the game creation is still in development. Not much has been done in terms of finalizing the game itself, but the Katamari-ripoff game has been making some development on that front. It’s not much, but it’s something.

What I have basically learning on right now is basic coding such that I would be able to work on the finalization of the Katamari game.  The game is basically formulated such that the Katamari game makes progress, but not perfectly meeting all required briefs. The decency to create the code with a lack of experience means that I may still have a lot to learn about code and about the foundations of variables, functions and the like.


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