Progress Report #6 – Katamari Overdrive and Let the Synapse Go

Katamari has been completed in the overall scenario, but most of which are in development. The game’s formatting has been developed such that the creation of Katamari does not fill the briefs, but at least covers some of the aspects of the game that hopefully will be adequate enough of a result. The current development of the Katamari has not been finalized and is left as such because of the inability to continue further than it already is, or rather, my lack of experience to continue making adjustments without parsing errors provided. To conclude, this game personally taught me the foundations of game learning and involves a lot of steps in creating them. I personally learned basic UI functions and it was a little interesting to develop them. Not that I can make UI calls from other scenes yet, but I’m fascinated by the notion of creating them. It will be hard and threateningly difficult and time-consuming, but it may be a good way to learn something new from it.

The next bit is the development of Frozen Synapse. Currently is still in its UI stages, but is going over the process of development through the game’s overall design. The important thing is to provide the understanding of the UI’s development and change the formula from there. The development of the Frozen Synapse game is currently building with no concrete gameplay results yet. With the scenes differing between the menu and the game screen, the development is still on-progress. The result being that it hasn’t been formatted well enough to provide the details of the game and the like.

As for the current lessons on C#, I didn’t really do much in terms of getting into learning them, since I was focused immensely on the Katamari and developing the game such that the game has its strong points at least covered without errors, cleaning up some of the unassigned functions in the script and commit it to Github for the build and the development of the game.


The Frozen Synapse is still out on the developing stages and Katamari ended on a note where I don’t really feel satisfied, but at least brought out some of the major points that makes the game work. Although there are issues due to the game’s current developments and its build, namely setting the parent to child and separating the different gameobject from being affected by the script’s basic increase in radius for the ball. It’s something that I couldn’t fix and something that I inputted in the post-mortem summary. In many cases, I still have a lot to learn about programming and a lot of c# basics that would be a nightmare to work with. Personally, it’s not something that I would like to experience constantly, like other programmers have to deal with. But I would like to learn, little by little, on how the steps go with the development of the game’s overall aesthetics and see where I can go from here to improve scripting standards and the like.


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