Progress Report #7 – Tamagotchi Fail. + Coding Basics #2

Current development on Tamagotchi is making a start in exchange with the Frozen Synapse. It’s a refreshing idea based on the development of the game and its based on the Finite State Machine. The Tamagotchi reproduction game is based on basics of health script, player script and action script, which uses a feed, sleep and play function where the basics of the game is incremented based on the instructions followed on the script. While I don’t really know much of the core development of the scripts involved. The build basics on it is based on the format of the game and provided the idea for the game that is coherently based on the tamagotchi format.

Implementing the character based on the following criteria by inputting script based on the following format:

– Feeding the Character

– Play with Character

– Develop a morality system

– Health Script

Basic void functions on each criteria, fulfilling them on the script and implement them into the game.

These requirements are still not considered yet, and its something that I may not have direction into. Personally, I wasn’t going to follow the criteria just yet without knowing the framework that I was going to use. Right now, the direction that I was going for is the basics of the core game development.

The tamagotchi development will come soon enough and will be developed overtime.


Currently, learning the basics of C# is still ongoing, now going through the basics of declaring variables and changing the output of the game’s overall design. Right now the basics of the variables of getting numbers and equations to input in the console and write it down is another fundamental basics that one needs to understand based on how one sees them.

However, this time, I’m more or less focusing on practicing the basics of UI creation. Namely, the canvas. The canvas is a rather troublesome tool that can be resized easily, but it took awhile to realize that you need to modify some of the settings in the Canvas before it can be manipulated. IT is personally frustrating in a nutshell because of the amount of searching that needs to be found online, especially in Unity Documentation.

Making the canvas move to the position that’s needed is still a little time-consuming, but its worth it if the result is desired.

The functionality is still in progress but it is making great strides in practice.

Concluding from this progress report is that the key to understanding code lies in understanding the fundamentals. Currently, while I am learning the basics. I got some tips from personal acquaintances about the Animator in Unity and I was personally having a good time with it. Animator will most likely be explained more in the next progress report but the gist of it is that the use of the build assets and effects in the unity engine fascinates me. Though admittedly I still have a long way to go to improve my coding and my understanding of C#. Something that hopefully I would be able to at least comprehend at the most basic functions by the end of this Progress Report post.


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