Progress Report #8 – Animator and TamagoUI

This current progress report will entail more on the Animator aspects of Unity as well as some progress on the Tamagotchi pet game. From last week, there’s not much other than the fact that it is no more than a fundamental learning experience. The best thing that could be developed from this is that the Animator acts similarly to the basic fundamentals of Macromedia Flash. It acts as a keyframe and you can directly input your sprite into the game in order to make the characters move.

Basically, using movement on animator for every keyframe, you implement it by putting the image into the different layers of background and you use it applying it onto the character and thus enables the character to move once the script implements itself. The basics of Animator is still based on the different states of animation and changing the animation is also based on the script of the game. Utilizing animation is unique and interesting, to say the least. Interacting with the basics of animation and applying it to the script is something that I have focused on the UI for my production and something that I would like to see implemented in a way that would be interesting on the long run.


The basics of animation is great, but there are other developments that I have been personally going through, learning the UI and the foundations of the creation of Tamagotchi, which utilizes a finite state machine that implements different states and reflects it back to the game. It’s a really complicated line of code that changes the UI based on the actions its given, which is somewhat straining to understand, but quite interesting as well. I’ve also learned something about sliders as well and that by calling a method range into a float class, one can change the basic setting of Unity from the basic number input to slider input, something that is quite new for me.

The next development of the game is integral, but still working finely. The frozen synapse game ripoff progress is working but the issue that I’m currently dealing with is that I don’t really know a way to set the camera to move the way I wanted it to, and even if I could, it’s still having problems. Mainly due to the fact that I’m still having a hard time generating a complete set of areas that would provide a significant change at the current time. Personally, this would be a minor setback and something that could be solved with code, but with current lack of knowledge of the code that is integral to the development of the game, it’s likely that I might hit a couple of snags in this project and would probably take some time to develop.

But the main thing is that the animator is a great tool for animating characters and using pictures to animate different sprites. The motion that it took to create the animation is impressive at best and its something that I haven’t had the privy of knowledge about. So, it is something that is new for a total beginner and fascinates me so much that this progress report will amount to these facts.


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