Progress Report #9 – RealTime and Scene Selection Screen

The Realtime system functions on a complex set of code that works utilizing PlayerPrefs, acquiring the set float, string or int depending on the situation. This is a very complex system that is used to take something from a line of HUD and apply it into the game scene. The process of it is very strenuous since its something that I have not touched before and it is very difficult to understand the mechanics behind the characters in question. — The next production is that I’m developing the scene selection screen and developing a script to create a function for the scene selection and a UI function basic creation based on the basic functions of On_Click functions and apply them to the code using the basic template. It was a lot of fun trying to implement the functions in the UI and the basic title screen for it. It wasn’t much, but it was certainly something that I could be able to work out with relative progress. — The other thing about scene selection screens is that the basic functionality is rather interesting and yet also complicated as well. Something that I would like to pursue at a later point in time is that I would help to learn more UI functions, similar to how using RealTime implementations are providing the significant change in the program section and would help improve myself as time goes on.

The function for the system that makes the UI Scene Selection very interesting is the fact that you can assign it to any function you want and would not bother to put the significant result into creating the development for the scene selection and create something more worthwhile.

The idea is that the scene selection system is used such that it would change the functionality of the game such that the scene would transition differently in a simpler way, similar to how one presses a button to change into different scenes and formats. The difference is that the formatting for the scene selection screen (and the pause screen considering the formatting is slightly similar) is that the buttons are arranged and formulated in such a way that the buttons would interact with a script function and a button to reiterate it to the function that it needs to provide.

RealTime scenes work on a different scale, using a state machine to call upon the different states of each scene and, when called, would transition into different states depending on the situation provided. The state machine template, in my opinion, has complexity in its coding and the development of the state machines are complicated to integrate, in my personal opinion. As currently still learning, I could not catch up to how much the amount of realtime development is made to change state and the amount of scripts involved to call upon that state and change it however they like it to be, it is slightly complicated but possibly could reduce heavy scripting efforts becauseĀ using state machines helps to clean out and organize states and would make easier access to calling different states.


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