Progress Report #10 – Basic Functions

The current progress report for Frozen Synapse game is still underway and hopefully will be refined by the end of this week. In the meantime, there are several things that will be mentioned in this progress report, mainly about UI functions setting, more functionality about basic functions and my main problems with the Frozen Synapse game, mostly about the implications of lists and reiterate them into the functions in a way that would work without splurging out errors after errors on the matter.

The most important thing about UI is fixing up all minority based on the significance of the functions that are provided. The UI is important because it helps to transition and change different scenes together and blend them perfectly in a setting.

On another hand, functionality is just as crucial because functionality of the game is a major step in determining whether or not a game is workable or not depending on the situation that is given. It is a heavy foundation that is the main focus of the game’s core mechanics and ensures that working flow is given all the necessities to ensure that the game would provide an experience and interactivity to the player in a manner which would satisfy the creator in a significant form, depending on the context.


UI is essential but time-consuming because checking every function to ensure that it works is a heavy job and its something that I have been doing over the last week up this this current progress report. UI is ensuring that every function works in a significant way while not destroying the foundations of the basic code mechanics of the main gameplay. This, in turn, would help to change the balance in the transition and makes things better.

Essentially, what I did are simple checks on the code and change them should any needs arise, error checking in the UI instantly helps provide a significance in making the game better. In the instance that UI is needed to help change states or bring different setting effects, it helps a lot that UI is an integral function needed to fulfill the function that would help the game to work out significantly better than expected.

Basic functions that I have learned other than basic UI fixes are basic functions on getting gameobjects to set active to true or false depending on the situation. Using gameobject.setActive(); helps to make game objects appear or disappear and ensures that it is used depending on the selection of the GameObject being selected. It needs to be called up as a class in the function and then called using the function.

It really helps to make the UI for the code of the game so much easier and cleaner to use between different scenes. I learned so much using a simple function that doesn’t really require you to think too much yet right now. As an amateur coder, I really learned so much from the basic and simplest of codes.


To conclude, the basic functions in UI helps a lot and gameplay is integral for the functions to play out the way it needs to be. Next week’s double updates will be on how to complete my Frozen Synapse’s main gameplay and details more on the strategic codes behind it.


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