Progress Report #11 – The Next Step, Strategy Game p.1

Currently, the development for the Strategy Game Recreation is still underway. With several underhanded development for the game that covers up some topics regarding agents and markers. However, this will be a basic step-by-step process on how I currently create the prototype of this game. It will not include the exact replication, but I’m trying to learn as much as I can as I am an amateur coder and still couldn’t replicate mastery on coding the game mechanics the same way the brief is mentioned. So this will be a simple representation of the requirements that are needed and hopefully will at least give a brief assistance to those who wouldn’t be able to understand the creation process to help find some ideas at best about how to create a strategy game. It doesn’t mean that it will answer your way of doing things, but it at least gives a good backdrop on where to start.

  1. Create UI functions and set up all the layout for the game. This is important because getting layout for a strategy game requires visualization and diagram on how one would make the game work differently depending on the situation.
  2. Help apply the state of each unit by applying state machines. It helps to easen up the process and helps to use the context so that each state would apply effect to each unit.
  3. Input all functions in the classes such that it would apply to the functions of each units.
  4. Apply waypoints.


The strategy game takes an extensive amount of coding to work out and it takes a huge amount of code provide in each function such that it would work out. Its not something that can be eased out with a simple code. The UI functions, since it took an extensive amount of time to work, it makes everything all the more arduous.

This is heavy work to create a pathfinder, using linerenderers and call them using a list.

The other functions, in regards to the units. I’ve set them up as agents and then apply them each individually using tags and apply them as I wanted it to. Using target controller, I can select my targets and implement them such that they would do a function when I selected them. It takes awhile to make it work and takes even more time to get it implemented. It’s a long process that takes up a lot of time trying to ensure that each unit is selected depending on the capability of the units. The enabled functions allows units to be enabled when selected and when enabled, does a multitude of functions in the game. I’m still trying to work it out but if it does end up not working, I might change my approach on this a little bit more.


The functionality of the game is rather complex, to say the least. But the most tedious work is the coding behind the functions provided. The next part will most likely all about getting the finer details working out as well as providing the game with functionality that hopefully will work out the steps I have provided.


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