Final Progress Update – Frozen Synapse Ripoff Continues and Final Conclusion

Concluding from the previous progress report in the Frozen Synapse game development is the continuation of the previous version. The steps I took is roughly different from the game developed. I simply took some other methods to develop the game. Mostly, this will unlikely be the right method to try when attempting to create the strategy-based game.

Namely, using instructions on raycasting and navMesh. one could be able to track the objects down and apply

Applying navMesh to a plane when surrounded by a certain field will crop out the area of the navMesh when you bake them. The next issue is reiterating each unit to act upon each action when pressing the button. To do this, one of the steps that could be taken to provide the game with adequate results is to provide a function that acts each function.

Possibilities include:

Applying a bullet function and have it applied on Set mode.

Applying an action function when triggered under certain instructions. Triggered when pressing the button by changing the setting for each function.

Set it such that it switches from Idle mode to Set mode, where one could execute commands set from Idle mode, transitioning using either a method or using a provided State Machine.

During those functions, checking for bugs is essential as every function could possibly be set incorrectly by mid-stage of coding the entire function for each unit’s required actions. It is considerably difficult to bring the functions without running into bugs in each. Best option is to check each function to make sure that each function would work based on the code that you typed.

The rest is dependent on your scripting skills and UI functions, in order to make things work out the best it could be.


Effectively, to conclude from this progress report, this game has its own downturns and its uphills. Learning new code while applying optional pathfinding method and have each unit apply for creating this strategic game is important but also crucial in applying the code for the game. It is difficult to apply the codes and takes an amount of time required to apply the functions provided for the strategic game of your choice. The process of coding the strategy behind it is optionally created based on the set functions within your abilities as a programmer. As an amateur programmer at best, this framework is a base that you can hopefully use in order to apply to creating something from a strategy game involving NavMesh, Pathfinding and possibly State Machines.


Concluding from this progress report is that programming is simply something that coders need to understand from the offset that the basis to code is understanding the fundamental principles in game. I personally learned a bit about UI and the functions behind them, something that I quite took an interest to but will take time for me to learn them and understand. As it stands, learning from all my progress report, programming code fundamentals are essential for any coding, whether it’d be for a game or for a simulation function in any software.



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