Progress Report #B – Development in Progress p.2

The current development of the creation of the pong based game is simple. There isn’t much in terms of development. But the next steps come at this current pace. The design for the game requires one to complete the design for the movement in the game and the game experience requires you to play through the game in full. But moving on, we conclude the pong process by providing the user with full on controls and the like.

Step 4 # Fully Check for Errors and Apply Basic Functions and Mechanics

  • The most simple step to developing the game is to check for any errors that might come up. There are a lot of possible bugs that could come up due to basic functions not working properly. Though you may be able to provide enough details to work out the kinks on your own. It depends on your ability to develop the game in your own way.

Step 5 # Attach Rigidbodies and Colliders

  • Attaching rigidbodies into the items will allow the ball to interact depending on the situation. Attaching colliders will give effect on the item it collides on. If you choose to interact one item with the other it will bring over the effect of interaction. You can choose to say that if an object collides with one another, it will be destroyed using the destroy function.

Apply Framework

You can get even more creative by applying different states to each collider to provide different effects. Using particles, affecting sounds and the like can make the game a little more colorful.

Step 6 # Apply UI – User Interface

  • Applying user interface is dependent. But the basic function is to make an statement, depending on your script, if you hit a certain area or it hits off a particular range or it enter an area that was placed in the game, you can generate destroy object using the Destroy function.



After this step, you can apply any form of development you wish. Get creative as you be able to open your eyes to infinite possibilities in the game. If you wish to push further, there are many a ways to provide more effects for the pong, such as particles and sound effects. We will cover more on the effects of UI and the like on the next progress report.



  • This link exclusively helps for particles effects in colliders, a great reference.




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