Progress Report #D – Shoot’Em Up Development p.2

This is continuation of Progress Report#C.

Step #4 Apply Basic Enemy/Ally Unit Functions

This is a function that could be based off of an element with a HP system (RPG’s and the like). Take an enemy with HP of 20 and hit it with a damage hit such that it would reduce its HP by 5. Doing the division, if you hit it 4 times, it will be destroyed. To break it down in the most elementary way is like this.

  • Set an HP function as an int/float for the enemy.
  • Allow the previous function of onTriggerEnter such that when it hits, it will affect the damage hit. Meaning, put it on the onTriggerEnter a function which reduces the HP.
  • Apply this in update in an Enemy Controller (a controller for the enemies’ stats)<This is subjective and you can put it on any type of script you like>: If HP is Zero, use Destroy(this.gameObject); in order to destroy the object.

You can get creative past this level and add effects to when its destroyed or add audiosource depending on what you want. Though this is basic enough for people to understand, there are a plethora of possibilities for the creator to make different effects in-game to apply for better enhancements visually and to make it more appealing. Though in this case, there will not be much of that.

Step # 5 Script the basics of Enemy AI

Since I have no experience in AI, the basics of utilizing movement in an enemy is to automate its functions. You can make it such that it moves at a fixed direction, or it moves at a random pace, or it could be heading towards the player. I cannot give technical advice for this since this requires you to have knowledge of interactions in-game and requires input functions as well as knowing the basics of transform/instantiate functions, which can be more open ended than most.

This requires really advanced understanding of the movement mechanics and admittedly is not my strong suit. So I can only say this much, utilize the AI based on your preference similar to effects and the like. It would help immensely if you know the basics of movement script such that it would help your AI move smoother.

Step#6 – Decoration. Effects. Others

You can use this to enhance your effects via sound or particle effects onto the basics of the game’s functions in game. This is more open-ended, so you can choose to make this effect however you like.


Considering that this shoot-em-up isn’t really one of my more stronger topics, I wouldn’t explain it as well as I should have. It would help a little more if I understood it. But in conclusion, I still have a lot to learn myself. So hopefully this would clarify some things on the know-how of shoot-em-up games and hopefully it would be informative enough to help one start making their own.

The next progress report will be all about the development of a game project of pinball, the basics of it at least.

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