Progress Report #E – Pinball Dev p.1

In this progress report, we now focus our attention to creating a pinball recreation game. While this will cover the basics on the know-hows on the development of a pinball game, it will not be a perfect how-to guide on the makings of a pinball game like the previous progress reports. Its up to you to make that happen to the best of your capability. Hence, this progress report will be a little less theoretical information and more on the side of possible methodology for the creation of the game.

I digress enough, let’s begin.

Step #1 – Framework <This is important>

Setting up the framework is a crucial part in terms of creating a game. This is no exception. There are a lot of frameworks to start with, but the most simplest thing is to layout in a piece of paper or a design on what will the game entail and how it will work on the whole picture.

The idea that I had to conceptualize in my mind is to picture the pinball in my mind and the idea that I had to come up with is crucial in developing the pinball game’s overall structure.

Step #2 – Set up a Movement

The basic set of movement is essential for the basics of movement. But the basic thing is to show that the pinball is pushed a certain distance when the ball is moving. Meaning, using the basic function of triggers and colliders, one could set up a movement script where if one press/hold a button, it would allow the ball to propel based on the force it was given.

The basics of a spring pull is that you need to create a rather extensive script. One that would require you to set up a movement script in a more different fashion. The method that was used in this development is a simple collision enter, set such that when the collision enters the ball’s collider. It activates an effect which allows a spring effect of transforming the object such that it would move and jump upwards based on transform.local position.

A move count is done to check for any other inconsistencies and set such that it would move the ball. Setting this up requires you to already set the ball as a rigidbody, otherwise it will not cause any effect. You also need to set a simple ground plane so that it won’t fall off due to the use of gravity functioned in the rigidbody. It won’t exactly function if you don’t use it, so you have to keep this in mind when making the movement of the spring and the ball.

Spring also needs to be attached a collider and a small separate collider so that the object can collide on that area spot for more better force and effect.




We’ll cover more parts of this on part 2 on Progress Report #F.



This video references a good tutorial on the better know-how of making a pinball game. You can get more info here:


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