Progress Report #F – Pinball F p.2

# This is a continuation of Progress Report #E.

Step 3 – Make your basic if functions/statements.

  • This is more open-ended. You should provide a simple function where you need to make a function for the ball. Such functions include:


  • If ball reaches a specific area below a specific y-axis point, you destroy the ball, remove it from the scene, place the ball back into the origin spot and update the UI to reduce the ball amount by 1.
  • If ball amount is 0, set a call function to say its game over.
  • If the ball hits a specific object, it collides into the object and you can either have it to add an effect or add an animation or add a score to it. This is more open-ended and can be to your imagination to see what would work for you.


Step 4 – Finalize your game.

This is also open-ended. Adding more effects in order to make things better are more advanced and is something that I won’t be tackling on this progress report, but I do know that I had the idea that creating something takes from the imagination. And that imagination is limited to yourself. Encouraging you to figure this out on your own is the best way to learn to finalize the game for yourself and learn the intricacies of the mechanics behind the pinball game.

UI Button.PNG


The next progress report will contain two different projects at once. It will contain two game development periods, but it will be split into four parts. One is a state driven side scroller game and the other will be a simplified version of the RTS game.

Also, note that the tower defense dev will only be one post and on the final progress report, I will cover a topic that I have a good amount of experience in, User Interface building and decorating your menus to make things more prettier.

In the reference section, I will list out some advice from other sites where you can get some clues on where to start on your creation. This is open-ended and you can decide whether or not it is helpful to you.




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