Progress Report #G – Survival FPS and State Driven Side Scroller Development


On this current progress report, I will give you the basics of two style of games. One differing from the other. Namely, one is a survival fps while the other is a side-scroller. I will cover this development in four parts due to the fact that these are two games. Though I will cover a shorter version of each development stage due to the breakdown of the report that is to be made.


Creating a survival FPS requires the basics of generating your weapon. The development of the weapon depends on your model design. You may use a template or make your own. Though the latter will take a long time to create due to the 3d modelling knowledge. Though in this case, the gun will be developed as such:







This video will feature some basics on how to model a type of gun, but you will need to research a little more on the ideas for how to make your own gun on your own.

The next step is to figure out the movement script for fps. You will have to set the camera to view the player or else it will not be an FPS. The basics for this is that you would have to work off of an extensive script involving interaction and shot.

Apply a basic transform function with an extensive function of variables where you keep track of the range, fire rate and fire time set on the form of a float. Set a turret projectile as a gameobject and set the speed and rotation via quaternion and float.


There are a large amount of scripting necessary for the development of the shooting script. But in gist, there are a lot of tracking involved. Using raycast, detect the physics of the game and transform position depending on the range of the turret.



That is all for the shooting stuff, we’re moving on to the side-scroller game.



The side scroller game is a little different in terms of how you set up the camera. It does require you to move the camera controller in terms of how it works, but it doesn’t require you to move it over to an object like an FPS. Due to the nature of the game, it works a little differently because of the nature of the game’s overall structure and the design in its entirety.

The reason why I put this on the same blog is because essentially, there isn’t much to put script wise. Though you could say that animation wise it would be appararent that a side scroller has its importance due to its effect.

3D Side Scroller Pic

This is the Sidescrollerpeople.PNG

I will cover more of the steps on a later blog post. That is all for this progress report.






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