Progress Report #H – Main Menus

I will cover an exclusive step on a method on the how’s on making a basic menu screen, but I will cover a more detailed and informative version on this link here.

In this progress report, while I won’t be covering much in terms of the two games, I will be covering a lot in terms of main menus and buttons.

this is your blankcanvas.PNG

  • The basics of it is that you need to set a canvas to your plane.
  • After you set a canvas to the plane, set the buttons and the type of decoration you wish to make in game. This is open ended, for the sake of being decorative and the like.
  • Then you add functionality to the buttons.


Functionality and Edits:

  • To add functionality to a button, simply add features you wish to edit from the inspector.
  • Edit the picture by changing the sprite of the button.
  • Edit the color by changing the button effects.
  • Note that you can add more effects to this, but the default edits in the inspector makes things a little more easier to control in terms of overall manipulation and simple editing.


Using On_Click function, you can change scenes, quit the game and simply add the like by using Application.LoadLevel. If you want to add functions, simply use the Application.LoadLevelAdditive function.

You can get creative and make your own based on your preferences in design and style. Though this is open-ended and leaves into your imagination to work things out however you like.


Stages in development are prodded such that buttons can be interacted and change scenes. This is a foundation of any basics in menu design. However there are more advanced versions of creating Main Menus where you can set specific effects and change them however you like. Volume of sound effects and music is a common feature, but you can also add other features such as to include controls and input a lot of enabling and disabling certain features. Again, this is open-ended, and is most likely open to the user’s imagination. You can check the reference for more details on this and widen your range of understanding in terms of the know-hows in advancing beyond the facts that I gave here.

This is most of what I can tell on the basics of making a main menu, the next part will be the continuation of the development for the FPS and the SSG.





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