Progress Report #J – Tower Defense Development p.1

This progress report will entail on the idea of Tower Defense and the intricacies behind tower defense. This will be the final game development and will be the last progress report in the game added with part 2 later on.


Part 1: Layout Game

  • Layout the game is the basic foundation of creating something. Its important to get an idea on what you’re making before pushing head on to create a tower defense game. This is the basics of how I do things, so its optional. But it could really help to layout the game in the way it works.
  • In this case, you work out the mechanics of what makes a good tower defense game. Notes that I could take during the development phase of the layout for the game follows as such:
  • 1. Layout UI functions
  • 2. Layout game world.
  • 3. Layout overall scripts.
  • 4. Finalization.

I word by word provide a scenario for the layout for the game while admittedly tried to cover up as much as possible. Though because of unforeseen circumstances, I ended up scrapping this part.

Let’s get on to the build making.


Part 2: Development

  • The next step is to create the functions needed to include effects in game. Though essentially, you would have to script in detail for the sake of better world building and the like. Applying them would be an arduous amount of scripting that requires you to understand the intricacies of the basis of shoot-em-up with RPG. Basically, an enemy has an HP. Hit enemy with a shot sort and it reduces its HP. HP is below or equal to 0, destroy component and update the UI to add the score for it.
  • While in terms of how I’m making them aren’t exactly the same, I don’t have the necessary time to re-plan out the entire development process. I would simply provide a template used in little ways I can manage and apply stimulation on a different level than what is expected.
  • As a result, the outlook on the image I worked on ended up like this.:



We will cover more on process part 3 and 4 in the final progress report.




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