Progress Report #K – Finale

This is the final progress report on the development of the game. And a continuation of this progress report.

Let’s conclude for the final progress report on the basic foundations of a Tower Defense Game:

In retrospect, I would encourage not to build the format the same way I did, be creative and open-minded as the results I give here are not often reliable and helpful. The UI functions in this game is something that I have minimal understanding of. As a result, UI and functionality can be quite messy in terms of how things are arranged on my end.


Basic Structure


Part 3 – Finalization

  • Once you create your design and script the basics, you finalize them and apply them. When you want to apply tags, put them based on the gameobject it wish to tag. Add more effects based on sound or changes depending on the situation. It helps to work things to your advantage by planning and scoping out ahead the ideas of tower defense and work out strategies for different constructs in order to make the game you want. Its not necessarily something that you want, but its better to learn than taking the time to apply those skills and end up being a giant clunk of errors and messes.
  • Its important to note that you also need to constantly update the UI on activity that you do in-game and keep track of those marks depending on the situation at hand. PlayerPrefs is a good idea to keep track of data you had from previous playthroughs such that it saves your data and keeps track of what you can work with on a standpoint. You can look at this link for a basic unity document guide on the matter.

Other means of finalizing the game are to check for any significant bugs you may find in-game and try to apply them. This is time-consuming but slightly helps you in the long run.


Part 4 – Decoration

  • Decoration isn’t necessarily an important step. But it does help to make your game slightly prettier. Effects, animations, basic stuff like sound is also a necessity. This is open-ended so I won’t explain it too much.


That is all for the game development progress report.




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