Progress Report X-1: Production Process Studio – Industry Changes and Personal Goals

This blog post is fully dedicated to providing a massive progress report on segments in which I would provide sections on how I create and develop these projects, the process on the production given and how they all come into fruition. However, for this first part of the progress report, filed as the X-files. I will not be giving development progress at the moment and instead will cover up on the gaming industry based on the knowledge I currently hold at the moment. This will also covers some of what the future holds, both for the industry and for myself, as a reflection of things to come.


The current gaming industry, as far as my personal eyes can see, is shifted in a direction that would be changing in ways that we would never expect to see for a long time. While the indie game companies have been making a name in the west, the east has been developing newer games that induces nostalgia and interest in classical pastimes, taken to the helm by the gaming veterans. This is common in Japan, in which many well known developers have been developing new and interesting games based on old classic genre types of games. Such examples includes Mighty No.9 which is currently on delay that is considered as a successor to Megaman. Or Castlevania’s successor titled “Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night” which in turn has been a monumental kickstarter success. Though these examples are more eastern than western. This shift is referred to as the Auteur Movement, which is applied to Japanese game industries as a means to change their industry in a new direction, whether it would be for the better or for the worse is up to the developers themselves to see how far they can reach the direction they would like to pull through in their design and how would it influence the gaming community as a whole.

Games that are popular to reach the current indie trends on the western markets that are currently now in development, such as Yooka-Laylee or Indivisible, are all successful in their own way and that they plan a release in the later future.





Although their developments on both ends of the spectrum has been developing a lot of success over the couple of years and still going forward to today, there also has been a lot of immense successes coming over on what’s happening on game releases today. Fallout 4’s release from the hype that was given after the period of time in took to promote its release and suffice to say, it does not disappoint on a lot of accounts, but doesn’t necessarily mean it is a perfect game by any means.


On another end, there has been a monumental success in the internet which boomed over the span of 3 months of its release. The game Undertale has reached a massive success and claim as being one of the most memorable and interesting games to come out in 2015. Which has been played by many and received positive feedback from the majority of the people who played it due to its cast of characters and its gameplay, which while repetitive and interesting, is also slightly unbalanced and difficult to those who are not adjusted to the mechanics of the game. In itself, this game has been one of those games which sparked a lot of interest and a massive fanbase was made over it.

Now, both these games are all of the RPG genre and both are of differing states, one is AAA(Triple-A companies with high budget) and the other is an indie development, the majority of the work made by only one person. Both of these things are able to bring to the table interesting new things to the RPG genre of the western side of things and was able to garner interest on a wide scale. What I aim to achieve is something similar but different. While I have no interest in attaining something that is unpredictable by nature, what I aim to see myself in this industry is as a support unit more than being at the front lines. Me trying to be free on one point and the other to help others understand the implications of gaming in general, especially as an alternative to storytelling in media as opposed to books, movies and the like and how it works positively in media to remove the prejudices of how games have been affecting the world in a negative light to the best of the capabilities that I can muster.


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