Progress Report X-2: Production Process – Pitching – Refinement of Concept, HCD and Project Plan

This part of the progress report will now focus on the production process of the game Bellowing Protector and will cover some aspects and process on how the creation of the game follows. This is still a prototype, and because of this, there isn’t much to explain in terms of how the creation of the game will cover down, but a lot in terms of the ideas and the pitching process.

Rules are as follows, quoted by the brief:

  • One variable must be in constant, continuous decline when not influenced by the player.
  • This variable reaching zero is the end­state for a play session.
  • There can be no overlapping verbs between students.
  • If verbs are repeated in pitches, they will be banned for everyone.
  • The player must interact using only the mouse, OR touch.
  • There can be no UI buttons.
  • The game must be in 2D.

Currently the process involves a decent amount of brainstorming of ideas for pitching the game. Concept art is simply designed off on my head. I wanted the idea to come from what I originally intended to work for before, but failed miserably due to the limitations of the team and the time needed to work on it makes the game almost virtually unworkable. In this case, trying to overstep my boundaries is going a bit too much, so I simply tried to make things simple this time around, making sure the premise isn’t too hard to understand while at the same time making the gameplay coherently work within the narrative structure. And so I thought of something, these are the keywords I thought of:

Lions, Dragons, Roaring, Protect, Heart, Determination


Bellowing Protector Concept Art and Visualization

After the conception has been made, I tried to think of ways to make this useful in some way or another and simplify these concepts to not make it into a total cluster of messy ideas into one pile. And thus, after thinking, Bellowing Protector comes to mind. The idea for the gameplay is simple, taken from the barebones of RPG classics. Although trying to change the HP bar to a timer bar makes it much simpler in concept and theory. Although this has not been tested yet, so I can’t be certain.

The idea is more simplified and not too complicated. Lion tries to beat the dragon by screaming and roaring so loud its eardrums will… er.. let’s leave it at that.

Bellowing Protector Title

After deciding on the idea, the next step is to visualize the UI and the field in-game so that I can see what I’m making. I sketched up a design on the fly and developed it from there, making the HCD and the Project Plan, though the HCD is currently at barebones at the moment until I get more details in order to plan how much I can do this.

After pitching the idea, the positive reception says this.

“It’s pretty and conceptually it works.”

And the negative reception says this.

“Too much bulk load of work + overscoping + not understanding the game and what functions it will work on, etc”

I took the considerations on the gameplay aspect, as it is the most important aspect in the game itself. As it must have a declining factor, there are a number of factors to consider. Although I chose ideas because of this and I wasn’t able to explain with enough detail what the gameplay entails and why it works in a narrative context in addition to the input controls with the mouse. Although I do agree that I may overscoping, less in the art and/or music aspect, but more to the programming aspect.

In the process of creating the project plan, I plan to categorize the ideas into 4 different aspects, Art, Music(SE’s, BGM’s and the like), Programming and Refinement Design. Assets (music and art) aren’t the issue in the long run, its more than likely going to be the programming aspect. And simply put, the reason why I intended on making the game as virtually simple as possible is because I won’t have the skills to complete a full-on functional game. So as far as gameplay wise, I’m trying to make it as simple as possible, with a lot of restraining functions and limitations. I may even remove the TP function if time is an issue, thus removing the most basic element of the game’s intended hook.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Game’s Visualization. Disclaimer: This will not reflect the prototype or the final product.

The point is that I wouldn’t be able to much on this first prototype project. I may be overscoping in terms of the amount of assets and programming needed to be created. but I’ll just have to see if I can make the effort to do my best on making the base prototype and see where it takes me in for now. What’s difficult is making it work and make sure its done punctually, but we can cover that arduous process in another development section.

And these are all the thoughts I currently hold on the pitch and the concept for the game Bellowing Protector, I should be able to provide a more real experience development in-game using the engine by next week, hopefully.




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