Progress Report X-3: Development of Bellowing Protector

After getting down and gain some feedback from my writing structure in these progress report blogs, I have decided to attempt to try and remove personal rambling in the progress report. Emphasis on tried, as I am still currently learning how to make a concise and well-constructed blog.

While this intro may be a rambling sort, this progress report will be more point-on developments on what I have done over the last couple of weeks and provide a report of sorts on what is going on, hence the formatting will be more concise and direct than the previous progress report. Anyways, onto the progress report.


In the previous progress report which you can click on the link here, I described all the brainstorming process of the game’s creation and my thoughts on how the game’s visual aesthetics will be made.

In this progress report, I will cover separate sections on each particular field I have done and completed and explain briefly and concisely what I did and how do I reach that production process, which hopefully will assist in keeping track of all the actions I did and what I can do to improve myself further.


In the design scheme of things, I have recreated the base for the game inside the Unity Engine. Although it requires some more re-adjustments, the base is now placed inside the game, asset wise.



Artwise, the creation of the spirit in-game is now in place. Plans on making animations will be on hold until later in the development stage. The texture and recreation of the water tiles is now on development, this is made using base software and base coloring of blue mixed with saturation of light effects. I intended to remain firm on the idea that I would apply watercolor texture effect in-game to provide the ambience and feel of the game and that, along with some of the enemy movements, is what I have processed and made in illustration and what I will refine on in the future should be given the opportunity to do so.


But at best, most of the assets are all complete. The next step is to further animate the movements of the enemies and the player character, but that will be shafted for the prototype.


Music and sound wise, some sound effects will be found in And the sound itself will encompass some of the required asset list I need. However, for some of the Background Music in game, I have attempted to create a simple 16 second track as the current base for the game to corroborate on the ideas I presented in the pitch. Audio wise, I’m implementing them and see if it works in context in-game. Once proper feedback is given, I can give more better ways on adjusting the music in-game.


Programming wise, I made a simple movement script thanks to a lot of research and will now focus on developing the playercontroller and the feedback reactions in-game.


I have developed an asset list for the game, detailing all the requirements I need in-game. The project plan is now in development and now will also plan to refine and reiterate the HCD and maintain its quality to make it slightly better.

That is all for this current progress report. I will talk on an industry topic in the next progress report.


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