Progress Report X-4 – Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality has helped shaped the foundations for the world today and while currently still on its development stages, it has been developed numerous ways to improve society as a whole, whether it’d be for entertainment values or for significant improvements to helping integrate reality into the world of the virtual.

Port Adelaide has been integrating virtual reality for training purposes. There has been a major change in the scope of understanding how virtual reality can be used on a more practical basis, but does this always yield positive results?

Looking at the way we view things, we can see that using a virtual tool helps to enhance our experience without technically use labor resources in order to provide the significance of their training. Though depending on the people who experience them, this may benefit or detriment them due to their foreign nature and how they are being made. This, in turn, leads to a simple effect which leads to negative feedback, shown by how the players may react in varying degrees of feedback.

Though there are more significance in virtual reality, personally, there are a lot of implications that virtual reality needs to improve upon. Some things, such as the basic movement control in virtual reality limited to certain aspect such as the Oculus Rift. There isn’t much in terms of movement, and possibly high costs are required in order to develop something that can be an immersive experience equivalent to that of the 3D design. There are a lot of improvements that can be worked upon and can be touched by depending on the user’s experience and depth and modification is required in order to make Virtual Reality something that the public can use in its optimum performance.


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