Progress Report X-5 Post Mortem of Bellowing Protector

The WrongsThis post mortem will detail on some aspects of design which I made in the prototype for Bellowing Protector in a quick simple summary of what went wrong and what went right.

What Went Wrong?

  • Basic briefs have not been fulfilled such as basic health depleting script and basic sound design overall.
  • Enemies does not spawn at different areas. They are positioned in the same area. Thus the enemy field is barren and empty.
  • Basic sound effects are not in place.
  • Lack of source control, due to this, data is partially lost, leading to reiterating and refining the scripts in-game twice.
  • Most of the missing components are due to a lack of time balance between the asset creation and the programming. The balance ratio of asset creation and input programming is equivalent to 4:1.
  • Game is more focused on visual aesthetics than the functionality of the game.
  • TP or Roar gauge concept felt too heavy for my programming skills, thus leading to some removal of the concept entirely.
  • The Audio for the BGM in-game is lacking in quality control and refinement.

What Went Wright?

  • I had an idea of what the game is visually going to look like.
  • Basic Assets and necessary prefab are completed and accounted for to a degree.
  • I anticipated the overscoping of my pitch and my simplistic idea got too complicated for my own good. As a result, I managed to remove the concept as early as possible.
  • Having the visuals placed inside the game engine to implement them inside the design of the game.
  • Allow time to complete all the necessary resources to have it ready before programming.
  • Apply a basic BGM which slightly fits the pitch that was settled on, but still requires refinement.

Solutions to Fix What Went Wrong:

  • Technically try to work out your strongest links first and apply ones that are to your capabilities, then set time for the harder ones like the scripting and the programming sections on a later point in time.
  • Apply source control early on, preventing data loss and reduce minimal casualty along with applying data from before.



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