Progress Report 9 – Ludus Magnus Progress Report

Currently, our progress on Ludus Magnus is proceeding down smoothly. Although there is a lot of problems in terms of how everything works because there are issues regarding the gameplay. After amounts of playtesting, there are issues in regards to how it would work and a lack of action in terms of movement and generate the excitement in the crowd.

We tried fixing some elements of the cards and make it more visually appealing to view. There are still some major issues regarding on how it works and would be important to the game.

As for how much I have done in contribution to the team, I applied the outline for the cards and have made the aesthetics for the app based on the outline given by Gareth Haage. When I was given the basic outline, I simply applied texture and color in order to give the app a visual style that could give the same feel as the game did.

I had a lot of iterations made, especially with the buttons and the text, I had to make constant changes based on the request of the main programmer, Daniel Jochem.


These iterations are made in order to give the quality of the product what it needs. But right now, I need to implement it into the game and hopefully show the quality of the design what it expected. Daniel will then allow assistance in making the product work from code and combine the two to make both elements meld into a companion app.

That is all the progress report from this one. I shall make more updates on the gameplay section in the next progress report.


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