Progress Report X-6 – Brief Deconstruction of Adrenaline Rush

In this progress report, we will cover a short deconstruction on a game called Adrenaline Rush, what my personal take on it and look at it to see what works and what doesn’t.


What is Adrenaline Rush?

Adrenaline Rush is a game where you simply click to move. You have a limited number of time in order to get through the obstacle which moves upwards, then falls down at a very rapid rate. This, in turn, will lead to players requiring speed and precision in order to allow passage between the two places.

What Works?

The base does bring a sense of dread and desperation by implementing the time limit mechanic. Its mechanic works relatively alright, although the pace and the movement is still a little funny in terms of how it moved. The pacing and the location seems difficult at times and its movement seems like it could be a hit or miss. It seems difficult to earn points at times due to this.

What doesn’t work?

Since the game seems simple, the depleting factor in game doesn’t show for me. It seems to derive itself from the base of the game, but its something that I can’t see when playtesting it.

To conclude, it has potential, but there are some programming and pacing issues that leads to some confusion in-game and needs some tweaking in order to make it work.


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