Progress Report X-7 – Pitch Refinement – do or dice

We were discussing the pitch on our game, Ludus Magnus. Suffice it to say, most of the ideas aren’t very well implemented due to them virtually being the same thing for each of the groups. The most important thing for us to change is how we implement the mechanics in order to make it work.

Gladiator's Helm
Ludus Magnus – A board Game on Gladiators amusing the Crowd hosted by the Emperor.

What we did was pitching the idea of a Gladiator game. The issue is that we couldn’t come up with a better solution to how the pitch can be further refined. The idea was simple, but there wasn’t much to go on for, so it ended up being uninteresting and bland to the lecturers I was presented with.

We tried to reiterate and refine the ideas we had as we attempted to fill out the GDD and the HDD. There isn’t much to say on that front, but we have been trying to fill them out with details regarding how to make the dynamics of the game work out in context to the Gladiator’s history.

These ideas are further refined by the Gladiators acting like their real-counterpart with some suspension of disbelief. There is a lot of design and research aspects needed to be done with this and while there isn’t much in terms of how we execute them at the momet, we get feedback from the lecturers and some testers who have been willing to give us advice on how to improve on that. So for now, we are still trying to make it concise enough for it to be playable, but until we can find more ideas on how to fully invest on the game’s overall dynamics and how it works, we’re at a standstill.


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