Progress Report X-8A – Iteration – 2D Design Bellowing Protector Behind the Scenes

This progress report will entail a short explanation on how I process the design for the 2d process for Bellowing Protector and how does one create the basic assets in a more simplified format and a more brief explanation on the process behind them.

The basic process is to visualize the concept in your mind first, to see if it fits into the context of things. The most important thing you should know is that you need to adjust yourself to the situation at hand. This planning stage takes a significant amount of time to get done.

Visualization usually takes roughly 1-2 hours in order to think of a proper concept for how it would work in context and how the verb I used tries to elaborate on the overall scenario. I anticipated the process sometimes works and fails to a degree.

Referencing from past experience helps out tremendously in terms of how one visualizes the scenario and how does one provide the general feel to the situation. Though referencing helps to make this faster, the visualization process is done through a more simplified thinking process to help make it look “visually appealing” to the audience.


After providing with the concept, time to put the visualization of what I imagined into paper. Concept wise, there are a lot of details to put into in terms of how I would work it out. But importantly, due to the massive time limit I was given, I had to make the concept as simple as possible.

Shisaa 2
Red, Orange and Yellow are the base colors used for the concept of the Shisa spirit.


This is important because I can’t afford to make it too complicated or else it would be easily jarring to the naked eye. The red and yellow colors are complimented in order to give off the mix of orange, which allows for more significance in how the color allows for a contrast with the blue overall background. The golden hue that I tried to imagine in-game was afforded with the significance of the flame in his body, which allows for more effects in terms of how it was mixed over.

As for how I mixed the elements and visually draw them together, it is simply defined as making the blend effect on the fire which allows for some effect into the design overall.

The next part of the progress report will overall iteration design will be how I come up with the design for the background and other effects as well as how the process was made.


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