Progress Report X-8B – Background and Game Concept Planning for Bellowing Protector

This progress report will continue on from the previous progress report, entailing how the background would blend in contrast to the characters along with the concept is given. How I reach that conclusion is simple doodling, the results being with different ideas being iterated and sketched up, but ended up picking on the first ideas of the concept in order to make things work.

One of the two concepts for the game Bellowing Protector.

Doodling the concepts helps to flesh out the visual ideas in my mind and to make sure that it would work on the overall context. The doodling process is about roughly 30 minutes – 1 hour.

Original Conception
Dragon concepr art and base concept for the game in sketch format.

This doodling process ends up translating itself into the palette and illustration stages. The drawing transition into the painting format is a little bit jarring at best, but I have tried to translate them into the best format that I can see with my skills.

It ended up with the visualization seen in the previous blog. But there are more processes involved in terms of how the design was made in the game.

Field Game

The background transition for the design is simple but also very luminescent in terms of how the effects are done. The light effect is meant to give out a form of effect and ambiance to the aesthetics of the game and the blue is meant ot give a contrast feeling of deep ocean and the darkness it entails.

The next progress report will entail a lot on how the design is made and what would be created in order to showcase the overall visual aesthetic design on the game and how to iterate the design further in order to make it a constant feel throughout the game.


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