Progress Report X-8C – The One Track of Bellowing Protector

The track design for this 16-second music, Ocean Disturbance is a combination of drums and a lot of very simple music notes. There isn’t much in terms of attempting to make them similar to the Chinese instrumentals, but I tried to make some simple notes, utilizing an Asian synth and applied it into the design of the overall game.

How do I implement it is basically utilizing the tools I have. Using a music editor, I drag the tracks on a MIDI form and add basic drum tracks based on templates on hand and manipulate them in order to make this track. Admittedly, being a total music amateur, I cannot make the sound properly adjusted correctly, even using the free music editing tool Audacity to edit them out.

There isn’t much to say positively in terms of development, but I learned a lot of things that needed to improve in terms of how to make the track and how it would work on the overall scenario.

I originally intended to add an ocean sound effect to go with the flow. Unfortunately, time constraints led to me ending up unable to add the sound effect and the game is left with one sound track for the game, which doesn’t really add to much on the ambience due to the lack of feeling put into the music, which I noticed when I was making the track.

In short, this one track has a lot of problems. But there are a lot of improvements that can be made in order to make it work and I learned a lot of basic music editing from this project. A learning experience which I appreciate a lot in this project.

The next part will entail all the necessities on the details on the more harder aspects of the game, such as programming and overall transmitting the game into Unity and the ultimatum which led to me being unable to complete the game as expected on the brief, which may explain some of the points explained on this progress report on the post mortem.


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