Progress Report X-X10 – The Playtesting Session of Ludus Magnus

This progress report will entail a summarized version of the notes I took, comical or not, on the overall design for the game and my personal overall thoughts on what could be improved on the scope of the game’s design and how we decided to approach it to change the game’s mechanics in order to invoke dynamics into the game.

The notes from what I took varies from different playtesting periods.

  • During the first playtesting period, there is not much going on and there is not a lot of autonomy for the gladiators.
  • During the second playtesting period, there are some tweaks made, but the emperor is far too strong to be making any impact on the gladiators.
  • During the third playtesting period, there are major tweaks which makes it much more interesting, but there is no clarity in the cards which makes the game boring.

Some playtesting periods are all usually occur with some major problem, one and another because of the functions of the cards and mostly because of the main issues of the cards themselves being too powerful or doing nothing to the emperor or the player.

Playtesting Period

Based on these multiple playtesting periods, I can conclude that there is a lot of major issues regarding the clarity of the cards and lack of power in terms of both gladiators and emperors alike, with no dynamics to shift with one or the other, making it an engaging challenge. Though this is an issue which could be fixed by doing math balances to the cards using probability and make descriptions as clear as possible.


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