Progress Report X-11 – Iteration of the Cards and Scheduling of Ludus Magnus

The cards that needs to be constantly iterated involves a lot of changes in terms of how it was used, the basic card design is rather simple at first, but after much deliberation, I was happily able to change the designs into something more friendly and lighthearted, fitting of the themes we were trying to incorporate into the Ludus Magnus game.

We had to make some changes to make the cards look nicer on the eyes and change a lot of the designs for the cards to make it more better. The art bible reflects a part of this, as we originally intend to have no colors on the cards. This is changed to differentiate each class card as well as giving them more visual details on each card, bringing more details to the visual aesthetic of the card.


Original Conception 2.PNG

The art bible made details up large amounts of aesthetic changes we made along the way which allows us to track the changes we made throughout the game. The picture above shows the early card concepts using placeholders from different images, these, fortunately, were not the ideas we wished to implement, so the cards need to be revamped accordingly.

There are also a large amount of references required to make the poses for the cards, but after much deliberation, changes need to be made due to lack of time constraint. It results in most of the cards re-using most of the basic assets and make minor changes accordingly.



The end results were mostly simple aesthetic designs for the cards themselves, but I tried to add the comedy and details that makes each card distinct in its own way but using limited resources with I have. The results were the cards made below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As for scheduling for the illustration designs of these cards, since this is made in the span of 2 days, I was able to record each time I completed a single picture and made edits accordingly. This took up the majority of the day which leads to the design aspect being more rushed than most, but tries to bring the quality so that it would be interesting and appealing enough to the naked eye.

In terms of how it was layout, the basics were made over the last 2 days during group meetings and the design was made accordingly. Minor changes were made in order to reflect the quality of the cards and to make sure it is visually differentiated to the normal eye and to those who are color blind. Team member Gareth made all the edits on this matter.


The next part will cover a lot in terms of playtesting comparisons and a little in terms of how the rules and the app was constructed.


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