Progress Report X-12 – App Design and Outline

While in terms of programming, I did not do any segment on due to the lack of skill I have in designing the aspects for the codes required to make them, I should be able to explain some of the basic problems based on the observations made during the discussion meeting we had.

Lack of comments for easier reading.



Slightly unclean lines between variables. Though this should be minor fix. 

As I have little information or understanding towards the basis on the creation of the code itself, I won’t discuss it here.


Aesthetic Design

In terms of the aesthetic design, the intention is to make them fit for the phone design on Android. The specifications were not well rewarded because it makes the images too small to be seen. Though this cannot be changed properly, it can be made bigger to make the app fit the overall screen, provided any future updates are made.

We all decided on an original outline, which was then changed because of the effect needed to make them look visually appealing. Though this serves another problem in terms of how it works and the variables for the player’s health and crowd excitement is a little confusing based on feedback given. This is then removed along with some minor changes into the app itself.

Left side is the more refined version changes in-game. The right one is the previous version. Iterations are made between periods of discussion with teammates.

I was in charge of making the base ruleset which was too small to see in the final product, to simplify the rules a little more than the text provided.

This version is the version used in the external playtesting:

Finalized Version.PNG

The playtesting period itself reflects on this, as while the game is improving steadily, there are some cards which have broken descriptions and they simply do not follow the rules and just have fun however they like in terms of the designers. There are also poor skillsets for the emperor and the gladiators in terms of the cards based on the criticisms of the game designers, as the cards themselves are too technical. Although it looks more visually appealing and much more improved than the less clear previous iteration of the game.

The next part will detail on the 3d models for the gladiators, the animator’s collaboration effort on creating the 3d models for the game and issues regarding the model itself. Then after, we will conclude this progress report for this game with a post mortem of the game itself.


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