Progress Report X-13 – Collaboration and 3d Design

This reference is used as a base for the 3d models and the illustration cards for the gladiators.

We had an opportunity working with 3 animators (2 after one decided not to work with us no longer) to design the base for the 3d models. The process and sketch were designed by the animators and the iteration was set to a combination of smooth and rough edge models for the 3d set pieces for the gladiators.


The end result was a relatively small model with some major flaws due to the design themselves being too small to work properly, but with some changes to the size this could be fixed for the printed models. Though we decided upon it as well because we did not research the effects of 3d printing properly and something that we learn through one of the designers playtesting pointing it out.

The 3d model design for the game.

The 3d models themselves were simple enough to work off of the base design in the long run but just enough to have it work within the scope of the size of the board, although this leads to a bigger problem of the models themselves being too inconsistent with the design because of the models looking very off putting.

What could be done to improve them is to have the designs changed slightly in terms of how it was presented to make it more visually more stronger in terms of designing the models themselves and improve upon it, which the animators picked up on and iterated it accordingly.

The next final 2 parts will conclude the progress report of Ludus Magnus with a reflection and a Post Mortem, entailing what went wrong and what needs to be done to be improved.


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