Progress Report X-15 – Reflection and Time Management on Project 1 and 2


Now this section will detail on some reflections that I have considered during the first and second project and the changes I made throughout the first project’s design and the choices I made during the second project which contribute or detriment which leads to self-reflection on how I could do things differently and how I have improved my skill set from before.

First Project: Bellowing Protector

On the first project, I had anticipated the hurdles and wanted to make a roaring-based game where I would attack based on the radius of the avatar in the game. The assets have been anticipated and completed in the expected time and period which allows more complete control over what the game intends to convey visually. However, what hit the brick wall are the two major components that I could not complete within the time period provided, the programming aspect and the overall design aspect in terms of sound and music.

The sound only relies on one track which requires minor synth change and minor composition, which makes it very jarring. I had not considered the implications of what makes a calm asian feel towards the game and the intention I tried to bring does not convey the message I wish to have in the game.

The programming itself is a problem as I should have asked on the matters regarding how to make a collider that increased in size based on the period of time given. This was glossed over alongside the AI, which is something I should consider making due to the extremely tedious amount of times where I shook my head attempting to complete the programming section only leading to errors in the game.

What ended up was a simple mess of art assets that are never used because of a massive lack of communication and lack of understanding in both sound design and programming. Though I have learned that even my art design also has its flaws in terms of scope and how it was presented. In turn, I improved from it and learn structure and more on improving the design of what I can make in terms of dungeon design and how it could convey the message a little bit better.

In terms of scheduling, I learned a little bit by making a list of assets needed to be completed, but they are utilized very little in the game. Scheduling is improved steadily, but I still need improvement in terms of how I can be more detailed and more active in scheduling.


Second Project: Ludus Magnus

The second project is where I have more hands on work on making 2d assets and making more attempts at consistent scheduling and actually making an art bible of sorts for the second project for the game to keep track of the different stages of art development and the many iterations needed to be made in order to change and reflect the more refined version during external playtesting.

What I learned during this project is very much communication and work with the skills I am very well knowledgeable about along with helping out with collaborators, which I actually had a hand in helping out. This experience is something completely new to me and something that I learned over the course of the development for this game.

I learned a lot of soft skills and hard skills during the development of this game, such as communication, collaboration and to ensure consensus between team members along with team chemistry. I also learned a lot on 3d printing and 3d models in general and a little on criticism and how things work with my peers, something that I fully appreciate working in this project. I also learn to make and update the Art Bible consistently throughout the development process. I also learned the basics of pitching and made designs for the base logo for the game according to the pitches provided. I learned a lot about the pitching period and how to provide a more shorter explanation with more concise details, its a first time learning experience which is challenging but is also rewarding.

In addition, playtesting sessions allows us to showcase an exhibition of our games, which is a first time experience for the group.

I also task reported more constantly in this project as opposed to the first project which is done more prudently because of what I can do and what I detail on all the things I did to see how much I can do and what I can do more in terms of making a balance in terms of scheduling. It acts as a cruise control to how I schedule and works to a significant degree, but still requires more improvement on how I would work of. The point is, task reporting is more constant here and it is improving how I schedule things.

What I need to improve on is to assist a little more in terms of documentation design and the overall design in general, which is incomplete and has several flaws. Alongside iteration and playtesting, which while we did have done a few times, we did not complete it on a constant basis. It is something that would be, hopefully, improved in the next project.

Scheduling is more prevalent with the existence of a gantt chart and during the last week of the development phase of this project, I developed a more direct schedule archive detailing all my creation assets and manually keep track of each section with memory. Helps to remember points and using your brain a little, though this would mean that it may not always be 100% accurate in terms of how I would properly time each starting and finishing times for each points in the schedule provided.

I do not know if I will continue to improve immensely in terms of time management, as circumstances can and will always lead to the risk of changes made in the game. Time is practically the biggest issue that is difficult to be mitigated, but it is not impossible.


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