Progress Report X-17 – Vendorbus 3D Project Development Phase

This progress report onwards will be more focused on the development phase of the 3d project, the Vendorbus with the assistance of Matthew and Carlos to which you can check their blogs by clicking on the links on their names.

Vendorbus - Pitch

This particular project will be focused on the Vendorbus, which is a 3D game that has you play as a vending machine. You are to collect coins from different time periods in order to change your appearance accordingly. Currently, we, as a collective group, decided to have the game be a comedy with a day and night cycle and with people who have four distinct status (Hungry, Normal, Fear and Angry) with each having an effect depending on the state the consumers are in.

Vendorbus - Pitch (2)
Distinct Emotions and Day and Night Cycle.

The aesthetics of the game is decided to be more blocky and will focus on a more lighthearted tone as well as a more simplistic design similar to that of Minecraft but lesser in terms of scope. The game Vendorbus planning phase ideas are not actually developed until we decide between either a dinosaur surviving exploration game or a vending machine coin gathering game. Due to the reception giving out more interesting ideas for the vending machine concept, we decided to iterate and refine the idea by creating a high concept document, detailing on all the basic core information of what the game will be all about.

The sense of exploration in the game is attained through the collection of coins and the exploration of the areas around the game. The game itself has a comical feel to it which makes the game more stylistic and has a more brighter tone with its own spice of social elements in them. But the experience is still subjective, so I am not certain if it would be for everyone.

All of these points are drafted within the HCD and we decided that we had to make some changes after the pitch due to some lack of details in the HCD in terms of razer and some sections of player story.


During the pitch, we were given positive reception because the intended message we were trying to give is reflecting to the characters. The animation work is extensive and possibly overscoping, but it is not impossible to make provided that the work within the group would bring.

What would be considered as a high risk during future productions would be the programming section, since it may be likely that the project is made by (possibly) two designers. Though this may be dependent on the capabilities of the programming in the game and ensure that all assets would be accounted for depending on the situation. This will be further developed during documentation making and during the creation of the programming section within the week.


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