Progress Report X-16 – Industry Talk: Critical Analysis on Trading Card Industry

This progress report will contain a less critical, more opinionated perspective and some tidbits on an alternative industry, the Trading Card game industry, as some of the elements in the second project, Ludus Magnus, shows some degree of elements in it which develops through the game itself.


The trading card industry has been one of those highly commercialized markets which allows for a style of gameplay which invokes a style which is slightly different but similar to a board game, where the cards themselves are the playing resources and is much simplified in terms of setup and play, where it is more relied on its number and skill set system and the setup arrangement is outlined in the ways it was given.

Although its development hadn’t been completely generalized, it has been popularized by famous trading card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh! and the origins of modern collectible card games such as Magic the Gathering. The market has shifted a little in terms of how cards are laid out and has now made a new form of “card” game that is more digitized and even more accessible to new players for a period of time. Hearthstone is one of those types of games, where plenty of players see the significant gameplay elements with that similar to the Trading card games and has an interesting aesthetic to boot, has shown promise in developing new ways the trading card industry has improved the gaming community.

Although western markets focused on the more specific styles such as the Pokemon TCG’s (Pokemon though seems to be more widespread, reaching out to an international audience), Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic which is more commercialized and much more widespread amongst the western audience, the eastern markets has its own share of development and has made a market for itself, popularizing on the developments of cards akin to their style slightly similar but different to Yu-Gi-Oh! which company Bushiroad has been pumping out a significant amount of card games, notably its more popular trading card game, Cardfight Vanguard. In addition, a lot of different forms of cards have been commercialized based on their video game counterparts and some are also derived from movies or anime series, depending on the series in question. As similar to pokemon, there are many different trading card games based off of games, World of Warcraft has its own card game with its own set of rules.

There is more to say in how it develops but essentially they are the same in terms of how it was structured and it shows how much the medium could expand than just to one specific media. Although I cannot critically say whether or not this will continue to be saturated in the long run, I had some suspicion that some will continue its crusade of sales while some may eventually be forgotten in the future. It all depends on how the rules continue to either develop or change during the course of the game.


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