Progress Report Re-8BGM – Reiterate Music on the BGM track

This progress report will re-explain some of the processes I did in making the 16-second soundtrack and make slight changes to make a second track which could be slightly different but sounds a little more acceptable in my perspective.

So, how I create the track is to place a few simple keynotes on an empty midi file. I then place some placeholder soundtracks which is taken from the template and make changes accordingly. The midi file is then changed by a synth program which allows me to use in order to make the sound the way it is. The program itself is made by a music software and is used to create tracks based on the templates that I was given along with adding a new notes to make it more original than it being completely using placeholder elements.

And then, based on the first track, I decided to make minor changes, such as increasing the tempo and speed of the playlist. Afterwards, the other more simple change is to make the sounds more simpler to the naked eye, so I made changes accordingly.

Ocean Foreshadowing.PNG

The final result will be placed soon, but this is basically the process on how I create and reiterate the tracks I have to make a new track, effectively making more of an extended but minor change to a track I made previously.


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