Progress Report X-18 – Industry Talk: A Perspective on Steam/Valve


Valve has shown some promise in shaping the culture of video games and helps to make games which allows us to address some of these aspects of games in an interesting light. And while some are shunned for their perspectives on how they achieve their task, their history is something that cannot be ignored.

Valve has been known to develop games such as Half-Life, Left 4 Dead and other games akin to its nature, something which a lot of gamers seems to have a lot of passion for. To look at it critically, we can see that Valve has been making a reputation for itself developing from a simple group of people into the company that it is today. It revolutionized the gaming industry with modders making its own stance of mods and eventually create the well-known Counter Strike series which becomes a mainstay of the first person shooting genre. It shows the dedication they put has shaped the way the culture works in terms of that particular genre of games.

While Valve is something I had little connection with, I have heard of its successes and how it actually helps shape the community of the gaming industry to a significant degree. There is a lot to say in how it changes now in terms of how the industry tries to take its approaches. In 2009. Valve moved away from game development to create Steam, a gaming platform where until the current time in 2016, has been used constantly to publish and showcase games of different genres, once again revolutionizing the culture of the gaming industry by taking advantage of the digital medium everyone uses on a constant basis.

This shows that Valve has been having its own interesting industry and it still continues to pump out different types of games as an industry with its own development stages and its own form of change in the industry. There are a lot of elements of what makes Valve interesting, mostly due to the nature of its development. Further emphasizing that its reputation continues to grow with the ever popular Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress 2.

While I do not have a perspective on critically comment on how the industry has changed because of the lack of knowledge and interest in the particular company, I find it interesting to see the different ways on how Valve has changed the medium and how it continues to shape the way the industry works for generations. Whether it would be in a more positive or negative light is something up for debate and controversy, but it is something to suggest that its history is fascinating to a degree.



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