Progress Report – Addendum 14+15 – How to Improve on Projects in the Future?

Admittedly, the lack of methodologies for improving my skills in the last 2 projects for the progress report for the post mortem leaves a little less to be desired. This leads to a lack of detail regarding how to improve and what measures to take to mitigate the problems that are arising in the first and second project. This progress report will cover a brief addendum on the How’s of improving from the last 2 projects.


  • Communication is something that I lack over the last few projects, and while during Project 2, I had lacked some form of communication, I did it better than the first project. Because during the first project, I went on it with no direction and no advice, only confusion without asking others on what could be done to improve the first project of the game. Thus, communication is something that I would have to consistently improve by being more “active” in how I partake discussions and the like and if there are any questions that I need to ask, I should “attempt” to try and ask them, whenever possible.


  • Doing more documents is important and keep updating them constantly, making you aware of the importance of each section and make changes where necessary if the design is what you want it to be.


  • In terms of how to schedule, I have made a schedule archive to keep track of each action I did and make constant updates which allows me to be more flexible than a gantt chart can. Although, an effort to make a gantt chart is still relevant, as I would require a gantt chart in Project 3. I would also need to update the asset list (if I am assigned to it) to reflect on what I should do and how long should I do it. I also need to constantly task report myself on the next project in order to build on what I have to do and take the time to properly cover each point that I need to do and make an estimate of each section, and reflect it in either a document or a gantt chart where necessary.


Do not procrastinate until the last minute. We made some schedule issues on project 2 and an unexpected pull which leads to the main 2D artist flunking out on the project. This would lead to me being in charge of making all the asset cards for the images on the cards, requiring me to take charge on design while sacrificing in assisting for documentation and such. This issue is something that I will improve if I schedule appropriately and improve on time management.


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