Progress Report RE-8BGM2 Addendum – Audio

This progress report will be an extension of the base for the other blog on audio making for Project 1’s process, how I consider the tempo, the beats and instruments. The choices I made in making changes for that track and why I change the track to fit the situation.


The tempo that is used is a roughly slow 100-130 in value and the speed is no less than 16 seconds long because each string is four seconds long per bar. The reason is that the base tempo tries to recreate the feeling of being dreaded but at the same time, also emotional to a degree. The problem is that the tempo is a little too fast and thus needs editing.


Instruments use a combination of drums, synths and pads. All of them are pre-sets that are available on the software, placeholders which allows me to use them and manipulate them to make the sounds in the game.


The beats in the sound uses a type of Ao Drums which makes its edits based on the effects I made with the synths and the pads.

Others Changes and Why I made that change?

The changes I made are simple sounds on the key pads. I set it up as midi before, but the sound does not play the way I wanted to. The reason being that the feeling that I need to convey is not there and it feels off in the ears. Thus, changes are made before the track is made, and by changing the synths and adding extra pad effects, I changed the music into the way it was now.


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