Progress Report X-13-14-2 -Exhibition: The External Playtesting Periods + Scheduling

During this playtest session for Ludus Magnus, I was in charge of taking most of the notes in the game. This can be further elaborated briefly in the notes section of the blog. During the exhibition, we assisted with some of the questions for the playtesters, and in turn, it would help us to take their criticisms and allow us to learn on how to make the instructions and the game much more interesting to play as we iterated the game even further.

In terms of preparing for the external playtest, this would be the section where scheduling and planning is prevalent. We originally do not intend on having art assets for the cards in this open playtesting session. As I was trying to fill out the concept art and the art bible for the game, I come to the conclusion that the cards needs to have its style for it to be visually reflective of what the game has to offer.

So with that, I thought of the time I had to work off of in the design of the cards, make a schedule archive to keep track of all the aspects of the game that I’m working on and apply it.

Schedule wise, I planned all the card’s designs and make appropriate timestamps of each section to have each of the art developed the way it is.


This reflects to task reporting, which allows you to report all the tasks in your project and reflects the task reporting based on pre-designed schedule that estimates the amount in the archive and applied it into the task reporting form.



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