Progress Report – X-19 -> Documentation and Scheduling -> Vendorbox

In this progress report, I will detail some of the progress that I did during the third project in terms of documentation and scheduling.


In terms of scheduling with the group, we created a gantt chart detailing all the assets we need to make and schedule all the basic time we need to make in the documentation. We discuss the basics of what makes a gantt chart and discuss which roles we have to work on for that particular document. We detail each section of the documents, detail some of the tasks and work on our jobs based on what we have.


In accordance to the schedule, I did not directly update the gantt chart, but made my own schedule in order to make comparisons during task reporting. Examples are listed below:

I will attempt to update the schedule if need be with the team as a group and hopefully, will follow the direction that I feel like would bring myself to schedule in a more structural format.

There is another schedule structure that I made to ensure that I follow a prediction time and a follow up priority list which allows me to keep track of each points I did and make necessary schedule as necessary.


Though based on the current scheduling structure, the times that I did does not match up with the gantt chart and some of them come in varying degrees of success. Though this would be an early mistake to notice, there are some elements that could be improved in terms of scheduling right off the bat, such as how I structure and how I keep in mind. Sites like Trello help to keep the structure going and I will be using that structure as a means to which I would try to schedule.

15/04/2016 – Reporting Complete
12:00 – 12:09 – Re-assess and make changes to the problems mentioned in the design document.
12:10 – 12:21 – Remake track on project 1 and make some changes to make a new track.
16:40 – 16:43 – Reformat the GDD to have proper outlines.
16:44 – 16:45 – Minor Reformatting of the HCD.
19:20 – 19:30 Making appropriate changes to the HCD, adding more descriptive details.
20:29 – 20:34 – Maintaining documents for both the HCD and GDD.
16/04/2016 – Reporting Complete
12:27 – 2:00  Group Meeting p.1 – Discussion on some of the GDD and discussing on the mapping for the game as well as design the aspects of what makes the game within the 10 minute period.
12:30 – 12:41 – Re-edit and update GDD accordingly.
12:51 – 13:17 – Make small changes to the GDD.
14:21 – 14:52 -> Discussing the GDD, Mapping, Economy and edits to the GDD.
– Make more changes to the GDD, with Matthew correcting some of the misunderstandings in the GDD.
16:02 – 16: 59 Group Meeting p.2 –  Further discussion on the GDD, reviewing the Art Bible and meeting schedules.
17:04 – 17:48 Meetings with Animators and discuss on the aesthetics and how the models are created based on the Art Bible. 
18/04/2016 – Reporting Complete
14:55 – 15:17 – Complete the GDD section on Object Interactions and Glossary of Terms.
15:17 – 15:51 – Complete part of the LDD section on Mechanic Layers in-Depth
16:25 – 17:14 – Complete the LDD section of the Mechanics Layers in-Depth 2
20:32 – 20:37 – Edit the GDD on the Overview of other Documentation.


This is also done during the later stages of project 2, Ludus Magnus, but more details on that will be covered in a separate blog.


In terms of documentation, the Art Bible has been updated by the other teammates, while I observe and see how they would all mesh together, but leave it to the other team members to decide on the art quality with the animators. However, I made a basic template of the Art Bible for the first project and made more constant updates to the second project’s Art Bible.

I assist in completing the GDD,  HCD and TDD design and iteration with the team, making changes as I come along in terms of design with the other team members. We are still working on it constantly and hopefully it will be a little more detailed during production, as we are making strides to make it more clear and make it readable to a good amount of people. Though it is still possible that we may make a mistake based on the notes and are still missing a lot of content.

In terms of my roles in the development of the GDD, I made sure to adjust the glossary of terms, tutorials, objects and overview of the four main documents, the HCD’s second to second, minute to minute and hour to hour segment with the other members reviewing and making changes as time passes, with ideas being spread back and forth.


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