Progress Report X-20: Exhibition Blog – Campus Showcase – Ludus Magnus

In this report, I will briefly detail on an exhibition that we did on 21/04/2016 at 18:00 – 20:00 where myself from Ludus Magnus and the group from Three Man Job showcased our game. While we did not do much in terms of showcasing our game to outsiders, we did showcase, playtest and briefly assist with some of the people who did showcase the digital games and playtest them. Noteworthy mentions includes the game Dyadic, made by Handsome Dragon Games.


The exhibition itself helps me in terms of fulfilling these particular learning outcomes:


It helps me to learn from the other faculties such as Animation, Audio and Design and watch how they structure their exhibition. In addition, it also helps me widen my understanding of how the career works, by giving my personal thoughts to others who are interested to know what we’re doing and what can be expected working in this section that I am working at.


This section is self explanatory, as I showcase the game the Do or Dice team made and I get to present the game in the structure that was given. While due to the nature of the game and the people are more for observation and playing the digital games, we also get to learn the other projects for the other game designers/programmers and adapt based on the design following them.

Assist Others

I also assist others, while not heavily, I did help answer some of the questions for the outsiders and had a friendly conversation about what is to be expected going to this college through experience. I also have a talk with some of the animation section and commented accordingly based on personal thoughts I have at the time while at the same time talking about the personal experience I had in the game.

While we did not do much in terms of structure and game showcase, we did quite a bit and learned to be more interactive to others and just be honest, an exhilarating experience that I would appreciate doing at this point in time.


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