Progress Report X-21 – 3D Modelling and Schedule

We were all given a base 3D model for us to design and iterate based on a template model to have it as a placeholder for the animators to iterate and design, based on placeholders and based on the overall scope of things. We schedule this via the Gantt Chart. This is more of a sketch model for the whole process.

While the original time to develop this is much less than is expected which reflects on Task Reporting, but the designs are simple, with less detail and no texture as intended.

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All of these designs are made as simple placeholders for the 3D models. This is then updated accordingly. The process for the creation of some of the objects have different methodologies.

The Sandwich is made by using the elements in Unity Probuilder Basic. However, the rest, such as the buildings, the chocolate, the coins and the drinks are made using MagicaVoxel. This software is extremely useful for making blocky software and it helps to develop these object models from there as it helps me to learn a lot of the fundamentals for 3d design and iteration. Several of these models have been made changes due to some issues in how the models look and work, especially with the sandwich model.


How I have updated/changed them (i.e. iterated them) during development, and *why* I iterated?


The basic models are essentially basic manipulation of objects. You open Unity Builder Pro, use the basic create shapes and apply vertex colors when necessary. The basic model was build from this base:

Images.PNGProbuilder.PNGUsing the probuilder basic, I manipulated the base shapes of the cube, change its size accordingly and manipulated the location and view and then make updates as necessary.

Changing some of the objects’ form and color and make it into a vertex as a material. This results in the completion of the model for the basics of the sandwich.









Drink, Buildings, Coins, Chocolate

All four of these models are made in MagicaVoxel. Essentially, I manipulated using the base brush of the design and change it accordingly, using paint tools and brush tools which allows me to draw the different concepts for the 3d base models for the game.


For the drinks especially, the colors are changed to reflect the game and add texture which allows me to change the drink’s coloration and add some render feel to it as an experimental base, making it more transparent, which makes it a little more visually packing. Although the more simplified version are more than usable.


The coins are made with minor changes in its coloration simply because of time costs and other design choices which allows for a faster design which allows the coins to still look the same but also different. This allows me to experiment with the design aspects as well as allowing me to differentiate between colors. Although this may not be likely to be used in the final product, more so for placeholders than actual implemented design.


In terms of designing and implementing and iterating them, I had several attempts to make them which I have no image of, but there are several attempts where the shape doesn’t reflect the nature of what I wanted, so I left it there.

The chocolate is the most fun due to the nature of the image and how I was able to visualize it based on my imagination. Using the basic MagicaVoxel, I was able to make the structure base, erase and pain from where I can make and make attachments when necessary. It shows a more simple tool which allows me to make this the best impact on a more visual scale.


Image Reference:


And that is most of the 3D basic models that I made, it was simple and it allows me to learn a new software the animators use to create their models, a good way of being outside of your comfort zone and allows you to work with what you have. The next section will cover a more detailed section on the programming aspects and what part that I am working on. This is reflective of the overall design and will continue to change in the future.


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