Progress Report X-23 – The Documentation Files

This progress report will detail on some of the aspects of the designs for the documents and what each members of the group did on the Vendorbus project and will cover some of the interesting aspects of the chat meetings between the group and the animators to communicate our desired style into the game and reflect it as such.


These sections are changed and moved to the GDD section of the mechanics in the game.

We designed the base of the GDD from the template that was given into the project, detailing the instructions on how to play the game, the mechanics, what the UI looks like, some of the terminologies and the overall feedback of the game. The majority of the design falls into Carlos and Matthew, who designed the key concepts such as the mechanics and the feedback of the game. I assisted with making instructions on how to play the game as well as applying some of the terminologies for the glossary of terms. This also reflects into the overall design which would be the job of the designers of the game. As the basics on the knowhow of the creation, we all make relatively frequent edits to the documentation within the period of 18-25/04/2016. The period that we did the document details on what the games look like and how the game is going to play out. In what I changed on the GDD, the mechanics layers in-depth section on the LDD is changed and moved over to the GDD due to the nature of the design that I made descriptively, with Matthew’s suggestion. This is as far as progress on the GDD goes, we maintain and create on the designs of the game together.


A basic planar map layout made by Carlos.

The Level Design document details the level layout, what a level is contained in each game and what the level will cover on each section for the player to play. Primarily, Matthew will cover this section on the grounds that we constantly make minor edits as necessary. The overall documentation are all of the basics of document design and what makes the game work is that the design aspect is still in progress, with just basic level structure and the base outline of what the game will entail, and less of what a “level” is contained at the moment.


We all constantly makes the TDD edits on this document and we constantly make each section of our scripting component in the game. Matthew breaks down the components for the AI, Carlos does the more extensive functions such as the Day and Night cycle system, the character controllers and the like. And I am in charge of some of the UI, such as the basic button controls and the game manager for the win and lose conditions of the game’s overall variables.

Art Bible

Carlos and Matthew are mostly in charge of aesthetic designs and the like. I focus on the references for some of the resources such as objects and resources. The details are covered more on the 3D blog previously I also assisted in making the base prototype model for the 3D design, which is not exactly what should be contained, but would make a good placeholder.

These are the overall sections of the documentation progress we made in the game. The next section will cover back in the older progress report where I will have an addendum covering what is lacking in the post mortem, the how’s on my methodology for scheduling, design and overall scope of things.


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