Progress Report X-26 Revision, Expectations and Technicalities.

This progress report will detail on some of the aspects of the technical design document in the game which has problems and the intended method on fixing them.

  • The hungry state is too complex and lacks the details to be made within the timespan provided. There are complex AI structures which makes the hungry state a very extensive amount of complex coding in order to program them.
  • Item manager needs to be prioritized in the game.
  • How does the time of day actually impact anything?
    • They suggest that every AI has a desire rate for each item which is set when they are spawned and is reset when the time of day is changed.
    • Thought bubbles are needed to indicate what the people want.
  • How does the sound effects (sfx) are played in the game?
    • Playing during the game or when there is an effect. For an early prototype, this may not happen.

Some of these we may not have solutions for the current development of the game. But as we develop the documents, the changes and the sections are removed when necessary. Updates will be made in the future.


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