Progress Report X-27A: Documentation Updates GDD, LDD and TDD Vendorbus + Playtesting Results

This next progress report will cover what we have written so far in terms of structure for our documents and how it will benefit us in fulfilling the basic documentation skills and learning outcomes that we need and based on the updates that we made in the game, we make adjustments to our schedule and change it as necessary in the future. We even made a spreadsheet during one of the discussions which details all the necessary task we need to fulfill and make adjustments to the schedules as necessary.



Also to add on the schedule aspect, we all made our own sections on the graph and made edits to the gantt chart as necessary. On my end, I made a separate schedule spreadsheet which details all the task I need to work on, from the assets such as music and 3D to the programming and documentation aspects. I will attempt to make a constant update to this as necessary. This is because I do not have the software for opening the gantt chart and would have no choice but to rely on other documentation to refer to for reference.



During the previous playtest, we, as a group, discussed and designed a questionnaire to fill for some of the playtesters, and revel in the excitement that is the “Vengobus Remix” the game. Criticisms vary, but the main issue is that the UI does not reflect the game and it’s just there at the moment. Also, the menu and instructions needs to guide the player better, but I am not certain that I would have all the time to make the necessary changes for that with the timespan we have, as we need to make scripting changes as necessary for ensuring that the game would work.



On the other end, I did make some changes to the GDD, TDD and the like such as adding sections involving the UI mechanics and make appropriate changes as necessary.


With the team, we all discuss and made necessary changes to the GDD together having one of us decide the design of the game and have the overall scenario for the game. I was in charge of making all the UI elements in game, how they play off of each other and the game’s aspects. More will be discussed in the programming section of the game.

These are the current developments for the documentation for now. There will be more covered on a separate section on how we are going to develop these documents that could reflect the game.



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